The National Academy of Construction is a select organization made up of industry leaders whose present or past professional career demonstrated outstanding contribution to the effectiveness of the engineering and construction industry. NAC’s goal is to recognize a cadre of acknowledged construction industry leaders and provide them recognition through election to the National Academy of Construction.

The Academy was chartered on August 11, 2000, in Nashville, Tennessee and today has over 100 members from Industry, Owners, Academia and Government who have distinguished themselves throughout their careers.

The election of members to the National Academy of Construction follows a peer-nomination and peer-selection process that creates a select candidate list. The new members are then elected out of that candidate list by the entire Academy. Candidates considered should have clearly contributed to the effectiveness of the construction industry and received wide recognition by industry peers.

Construction is the largest American Industry which has clearly played an integral role in helping Americans attain one of the highest standards of living in the world. The National Academy of Construction is established to recognize the leaders of the industry, and to utilize their knowledge, experience and talents in support of the Industry and the Nation.

Bud Ahearn, NAC President